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All the Advertises are paid per space. It means if you need to have multiple Adv in same page or mulitple pages, each Adv would be counted separately.

Adv locations:

  • Large Adv on top of index page, 728px by 90px
  • Large Adv on top of individual category pages, 728px by 90px
  • Large Adv at the bottom of articles, 958px by 400px
  • Medium Adv on top of sidebar, 342px by 171px
  • Medium Adv within posts, 218px by 239px
  • Medium Adv in sidebar, 342px by 300px

In addition to advertising throughout the different pages, we also have:

  • Newsletter mailings
  • Promoted Product & Program reviews
  • Other custom promotions for your company

Prices will be revealed through email. If you want to begin advertising with us, or if you have any questions, please email us at:

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