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Breaking News
By default, the Breakingnews is hidden till an article becomes breakingnews. (Each Breakingnews Article stays here for 1 hours from the moment it's been added to Breakingnews)
Latest ALL is for index page, and it contains Articles from ALL categories. And they have to be arranged based on the newest to oldest, as newest first.

Latest-1 is the first section of Latest (1,2,3). The number of articles should be manageable in the back-end.
Latest Video is a gallery of videos
Categories has to be extremely dynamic. There would be 10 positions from position 1 to 10 for categories, and the most popular (MOST VISITED) category will be in position 1 and the second most popular category will be in position 2, all the way to the 10th most popular category.
Categories are in a constant competition to move to first position.
From the moment a category moved into any of 10 position, there will be 48 hours
Each section contains of Large, Medium, Small. Number of Articles inside of each Large, Medium and Small should be manageable.